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Motivational Speaking

Learn tips to improve your customer retention and your bottom line. Appropriate for any customer-facing person from front-line staff to CEO/Owner.
Speeches and workshops
from 5 minutes to 3 days.
Custom formats available.
Business Consulting

This in-depth analysis of your business will shine a light on areas of improvement and is guaranteed to increase your customer ratings and retention while improving your staff satisfaction and reducing turnover.

You don't need new customer-facing staff, they just need a paradigm shift. Team coaching is normally a supplement to corporate restructuring of the customer service model. Reduce turnover of both customers and staff, guaranteed.

Helpful Tips

7 Secrets to Customer Retention

Diffusing Difficult Situations

Keeping Ahead of Social Media

Create google alerts for your company name so you'll always know what is being said about you on social media.  Be sure to respond with a suggestion or resolution if you see that someone has had a less-than-stellar experience.
You know that it costs a lot more to get a new customer than to keep an exisitng one. Use these 7 tips to improve customer retention.
Whether your customer service is magnificent or mediocre, every company occassionally encounters an angry customer. Use these 3 tips to help calm things down.

Adding Value on Social Media

Do I Even Need Social Media?

How Am I Doing?

Create google alerts for industry trends and topics relevant to your company. ReTweet or share with your customers. This helps you stay top of mind without asking for a sale.
A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that social media isn't really relevant for their business. In fact, everyone from Plumber to President should be managing their social media.
See our blog for more info.
Naturally you want to know how your customers feel they're being treated but  surveys and metrics can be misleading. The key is asking the right questions and allowing customers to respond with more than just a ranking of one to ten.


Have you ever wondered why your company doesn't have better online reviews?
Why 90% of companies that report delivering excellent customer service, are rated as just okay by thier customers?
What gives? What do you have to do to please today's consumer?
With the internet, feedback is immediate and just delivering the goods is not enough. Companies must be intentional about each customer experience  and yesterday's demographics are no help. So what's the answer? Call Chris!

Since age 16 working at the courtesy desk of the old King's Department Store, Chris has been in the front lines of customer service.  After 30+ years of interacting with the public, pleasing clients has become second nature. Couple that innate knowledege with the industry-specific research that Chris does before each presentation and what do you get?  A clear, concise, and relevant discussion that will change the way your firm thinks about the customer experience and boost your online ratings, client retention, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Chris is a natural storyteller, bringing the audience with her on a journey that captures the imagination and allows the principles she teaches to be internalized for maximum success. Her enthusiasm for creating a memorable customer experience is contagious and soon your firm will be creating online and word of mouth reviews to rival Zappos.

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